We like to keep things simple.
One simple price.
GoodCloud is just 50 dollars a month.

No strings, no contracts, no per-anything charges. Everything included.
One radical concept.

Our pricing is based on a radical concept: we want to help you grow.

Other companies watch you bringing in a new staff member and see dollar signs. We see you succeeding, and cheer.

Other services see you reaching more donors and volunteers, and see dollar signs. We say, "Add some more!"

We've built a sustainable business that we love on those $50 a month - and we're happy with that. What we really want is a better world, and you're the key to making that happen. You have our full support.

Batteries included.

We believe you should have a simple, consistent cost you can count on. We know nonprofit budgets are usually fixed, and always tight. That's why you won't find extra fees or hidden charges here. Just easy, unlimited use.

Here's some of the unlimited you get at GoodCloud:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Unlimited number of donations
  • Unlimited donation history
  • Unlimited volunteer history
  • Unlimited number of tags
  • Unlimited imports and exports

Here's what we won't do:

  • We won't charge for support
  • We won't have a call center halfway across the world
  • We won't change the price suddenly
  • We won't treat you like a dollar sign.

You're real people, doing real good in the world. We promise to treat you that way.
See for yourself.

When you sign up for a GoodCloud account, your first 30 days are on us. We'll be in touch throughout those 30 days to see if you have questions, and to learn a bit more about you and your organization. You know, like real people do.

Start your free trial now!